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Amazing Artificial Food From Aliexpress

There are many ways to use artificial food. Artificial food and above all vegetables are suitable for decoration. We can decorate storefronts with them, make seasonal arrangements or use them for interior design. Artificial food is used as props in photography, on film sets or as an ornament in hotel restaurants.

Artificial pumpkins will be used for autumn decorations and Halloween. However, imitation vegetables, especially those in the mini version are sweet and charming. Look for artificial food on Aliexpress and see how wonderfully it imitates real delicacies.

You will be delighted with the quality of workmanship and the care with which each vegetable was made. See what food you can buy on Aliexpress. Imitations of cookies, donuts or other goodies will impress many a person. Bet on the original decorations and see that there are many interesting items on Aliexpress, which you did not know about.

Shopping from China can be a real joy for people looking for interesting and original items. Do not miss the opportunity, promotional prices await you every day. With Aliexpress you have free shipping and convenient shopping without hurry. Do not overpay in other stores. Remember that artificial food, even the most beautiful, is simply artificial and thus inedible. Enjoy artificial vegetables and food with us!

Amazing Artificial Food From Aliexpress

aliexpress artificial pumpkins

Artificial pumpkins. Artificial pumpkins were made of high quality white foam. They are available in various sizes. These pumpkins are very good home and party decorations and great Halloween decorations. They have one more advantage, you can paint them. Paint the pumpkin as you want and enjoy the original decoration. The price of a pumpkin made of foam is $ 1.79.

aliexpress mini pumpkins

Mini pumpkins. Mini pumpkins with dimensions of 8cm x 6cm. Nice autumn decoration, as well as decoration for Halloween. Feel the autumn atmosphere and buy plastic pumpkins today. Pumpkins are made of plastic, they are durable and will serve you for many years. The price for one piece is $ 0.72.

aliexpress artificial vegetables

Artificial vegetables on a string. Choose from cucumbers, eggplants, chili peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. With these wonderful vegetables you will decorate your kitchen. Garlands of garlic and onions. A bunch of vegetables is a wonderful decoration, colorful and indestructible. The price for 1 piece of hanging vegetables is $ 2.99.

aliexpress artificial donuts

Artificial donuts. You can use these plastic donuts to create decorations, but also to take nice pictures. If you need artificial food for photography, you’ve come to the right place. On Aliexpress you will find lots of sweet things that like taking pictures of them. Traditional donuts with icing and sprinkles look delicious. They are also suitable for Christmas decorating windows and window sills. Try donuts from Aliexpress. The price for 1 piece of sweet donut is $ 1.23.

aliexpress artificial bread

Aliexpress Artificial Bread. A basket of delicious bread straight from Aliexpress. Artificial baguettes, toasts, crispy wheat rolls, French croissants. And butter rolls, and even hambureg or hot-dog. Artificial food is useful wherever you can not use the real one. Decorate it with the store, bakery or pastry shop’s website. You can also use it for kitchen decoration and use as a prop in photography. If you take pictures and look for props, artificial food from Aliexpress is created for you. The price for one roll is $ 2.19.

aliexpress artificial cakes

Artificial cakes. A soft sponge cake, whipped cream and fruit – this is what artificial cakes from Aliexpress look like. Indistinguishable from those from the confectionery. For use as photographic and television props, furniture display, interior decoration, fruit bowl decoration, general wall decoration, bakery decoration and decoration of hotel restaurants. The price for a cake with cream is $ 1.05.

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