8 Most Popular Tools for Woodworking on Aliexpress

Woodworking is a beautiful hobby and art, that can even turn into a lucrative profession. It has also quite low entry cost, at least comparing to hobbys like collecting retro cars or real estate flipping – provided you know where to look for inexpensive tools and supplies. And what place can be better than Aliexpress, a popular online platform to buy straight from China. Aliexpress orders might not be delivered promptly (typically they take a 3-4 weeks to deliver), but this wait time is definitely worth the free shipping that we get and top prices that are hard to beat. Here are some of the most popular Aliexpress woodworking tools available with free delivery and top rankings.

Woodworking Tools from Aliexpress on a budget

aliexpress ryoba

“Ryoba” Double Saw Edge – this classic tool, known by Japanese master carpenters since ancient times is a really useful (and sharp – be careful!)  saw for cutting wood. Currently it’s on sale for $12.25, at 50% off, so it’s worth buying now. Made from really fine steel, is 9 and 1/2″ long and has excellent reviews (4.8/5 from 214 reviewers). If you’re interested in more tools, defintely check Ruying Trading store, as this seller has plenty.

woodworking toolset Aliexpress

This neat toolset is only $7.92 with free shipping worldwide and contains 8 pieces. Good gift idea. While quite basic in terms of contents, it is well made and it can be used not only for woodwork, but also other DIY projects.

hacksaw blades aliexpress

Spare hacksaw blades for incredibly low price of $1.18 with shipping. They fit variety of brands like Black & Decker, Bosch, Hitachi, Makita and more and it’s always good to have spare blades, as they get worn out quickly, especially during more intensive or hardwood work.

hand saw

GOXAWEE Hand Saw for wood. This is a typical, although quality saw that will find its place in a variety of projects. Great price of $8.24 with free shipping or $10.55 with 12 spare blades. 60 mm deep with adjustable 10mm to 140mm blades.

survival wood tool Aliexpress

Survival wood saw or knife for $9,74 with free shipping. This interesting foldable saw comes in 3 sizes – 150 mm, 210 mm and 250 mm and they cut through the wood, plastic or bone easily. It’s dubbed as a survival tool, but I am actually using it in my workshop, as it’s very convenient to work with, and it has rubberized handle. Highly recommended!

Cutting discs for electrical drills. This ingenious gadget makes short work of wood and fits power drills just like normal drill bits. Just be careful and set your drill to lower RPM for safety . Just $2.96 with free shipping to US for 6 pieces of various diameters. Can’t beat that price!

manual chainsaw Aliexpress

Manual chainsaw for $7.27 with free shipping. Made from high strenght, heated steel, this manual chainsaw can subsitute motorized chainsaw and it’s especially useful in places where you can’t reach or it isn’t safe to work with standard chainsaw. Works surprisingly well on many kinds of wood and doesn’t require any kind of fuel 🙂

garland wire

Garland wire for woodworking. This kind of wire is used in many kinds of DIY projects and it was made from stainless steel. 10 pieces in a pack costs just about $1 and there are several lenghts to choose from.

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