8 Best Makeup Brushes on Aliexpress

Every woman sometimes likes to paint, to work, to go on a date or to a party. But all the branded make-up accessories that we find in drugstores are often expensive, because the stores have a large margin. Therefore, it is best to buy brushes or sponges directly at the source on Aliexpress. You will find exactly the same makeup accessories there, only at great prices, literally for a few zlotys and with free shipping worldwide. In this article you will find great suggestions for make-up brushes and other accessories that are very popular and have been tried by thousands of girls around the world. Be beautiful and do not overpay!

Brushes and accessories for makeup from Aliexpress


aliexpress makeup

These wonderful brushes are a complete set that will allow you to make a super makeup. The set includes 20 pieces of accessories in various sizes – from sponges through cut cat’s brush to mascara brush. Available at an amazing price of around USD 3,28 with free delivery worldwide. The same set in the drugstore is at least USD 13,70, so you will not find a better opportunity.

aliexpress makeup brushes

Practical mascara brushes. They make a sensation on the web, especially among women who are professionally interested in makeup and therefore need a lot of accessories. 50 brushes costs only 1,6 USD, of course with free delivery worldwide.

aliexpress makeup brushes

Precise eye makeup brushes. We find among them 12 brushes with unique shapes, cut and flat, with which we can make a precise smokey eyes makeup. The brushes are made of soft, synthetic bristles and cost about 7,67 dollars. Includes a practical toiletry bag for storing accessories.

synthetic brushes aliexpress

Brushes that allow you to achieve a natural makeup effect. A practical and extremely handy set for any elegant woman. The set of 7 brushes can be distinguished: for pink, for eye shadows, for eyelashes, a brush for lip painting and a sponge brush. The price is about 3 USD.

AliExpress brushes

Thick brushes for pink and powder. They are suitable for contouring the face, will make the face oval nicely highlighted and modeled, in this makeup we will feel confident and attractive. A set of 10 brushes can also be used to apply a foundation, perfectly complement the home set of accessories for makeup and this for only 3,56 USD.

face makeup brushes

Make-up brushes. Fabulously colorful brushes for face and eye make-up will cheer up any beautician. They are handy, easy to use and made of hygienic synthetic bristles. The price of the set is about 3,28 USD. Thanks to them, we can easily blend shadows on the eyelids with each other to obtain a natural and girly look.

aliexpress makeup brushes

Studio makeup brushes with a vanity case. Thanks to these brushes, we will achieve the effect of a professional look and emphasize the beauty. Brushes used by professional make-up artists constitute a full range of makeup accessories, the whole set costs about 27,78 USD for Aliexpress. The brushes have well-shaped wooden handles, are made of high quality bristles, and we have 15 different shapes available.

aliexpress makeup brushes

A set of 6 brushes. The set consists of 6 brushes for eye makeup, eyebrows and contouring of the face. The brushes are made of synthetic and natural bristles, they are a perfect complement to the beautician. With their help, in an easy and accessible way, we can make-up the entire face and we cut the eyes nicely without artificiality. The price is about 3,50 USD and free shipping worldwide.


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