Electronic cigarettes on Aliexpress

E-cigarettes have become very popular in US and around the world and it’s not hard to wonder why they are so popular, especially among younger people. A large number of people using these electronic alternatives to tobacco cigarettes comes from the ease of use and health safety, especially compared to traditional smokes. Vaping E-cigarettes involves not smoking tobacco, but only  inhaling of vapors, heated by a small heater. Liquids contain aromatic compounds, giving a similar feeling as when smoking conventional cigarettes, but containing no tar and carcinogens. While the properties of e-cigarettes today are not yet exactly known, it is certain that they are healthier substitutes. Most e-cigarettes are produced in China, and so you can directly buy it on Aliexpress. See our review for recommended, proven and most popular e-cigarettes brands on Aliexpress, available with free shipping worldwide:

eleaf ecigarette

Eleaf iJust S electronic cigarette set – Eleaf is one of the largest electronic cigarettes manufacturer and this is their most popular e-cigarette on the Aliexpress, which is a complete large set, with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh. It contains instructions, original box, spare cables and 4 ml container  for liquid. Available in black and steel colours.

ectp Aliexpress electronic cigarette

ECT Box Mod eT 30P – This set is the second most popular set on Aliexpress and includes a built-in battery with 2200 mAh capacity. Great for beginners and connoisseurs and its popularity is due to low price: $ 14.


Atomizer MT3 – Affordable superopular atomizer. Available under $ 1, and so literally for the price of beer was sold in more than three thousand copies.

ecigarettes resistance wire

Kanthal resistance wire – the most popular brand of resistance wire on Aliexpress. It is especially designed for electronic cigarettes and has a length of 30 meters, so enough for very long time. Price: from 3 to 4 dollars with free delivery.

atomizer ce4

Atomizer CE4 – a removable atomizer for many types of e-cigarette. Popular and inexpensive, only $ 0.62 per 1 piece. Enough for about 900 puffs.

muji cotton ecigarettes

MUJI Organic cottonpure, natural cotton tissue, not bleached without any artificial and potentially harmful substances. It  can be used for any type of electronic cigarettes. Price: $ 3 US dollars for a large package and of course with free shipping.

ecigarettes ring

Anti-Slip ring for the e-cigarette. This colorful rubber ring prevents slipping e-cigarette out of your hands and is very aesthetic. The buyer can specify the color, otherwise the seller sends random one. For people who care about visual tuning of their vaping quipment! Only about $ 1.5 USD for a package of 5.


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